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Florida Negligent Security Lawyers

“Pursuing Justice when Peoples’ Lives are Changed Forever”

Whether walking to a car in a parking garage at night or doing a load of laundry in an apartment complex basement, inadequate security endangers the safety of others. At the Butler Law Group, our negligent security lawyers hold negligent property owners liable for inadequate security that results in foreseeable physical assault, personal injury, even wrongful death. Working with investigators, law enforcement criminologists, and industry safety experts, we identify ways in which security at an apartment complex, parking garage, public facility, or retail store failed to adequately protect its tenants and customers from foreseeable danger.

We represent clients in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Lake City, and throughout Florida.

Failure to provide security guards, security cameras, or properly functioning door locks where needed contributes to the endangerment of others when a foreseeable danger  exists. Don’t be a victim – contact Florida negligent security lawyers at the Butler Law Group, and demand justice.

When Inadequate Security Leads to Serious Injuries

The Butler Law Group represents clients injured due to the following kinds of negligent security measures:

  • Unlocked entry way doors
  • Absence of security cameras
  • Open gates or loading bay doors
  • Poorly lit stairwells or parking garages
  • Absence of security guards or attendants
  • Failure to properly screen employees or visitors

A Reasonable Expectation of Safety

While we don’t live in a risk free world, property owners, retail stores, and residential complex managers have a duty of care in regard to avoiding foreseeable security lapses that threaten others. For instance, previous criminal activity committed in a poorly lit parking garage, puts the owner on notice that criminal activity could reoccur on his property, and endanger innocent customers.

Our premises liability lawyers investigate such matters, and identify security lapses and threats that should have been addressed to prevent foreseeable injury to others. And, since these cases often involve psychological trauma beyond any physical injuries that may occur, we work with mental health professionals to address the suffering endured by our clients.

Legal Representation Demanding Justice

The Butler Law Group is currently working on two important Negligent Security cases. One case involves the shooting death of  a young man outside his job in Jacksonville and another involves the safety of a young child on school premises in Flagler county. Learn more about our current cases.

Negligent security cases involve people who are victimized in ways that go beyond physical scars and damage. It often takes years for assault or rape victims to feel safe again. We speak for those who can no longer speak for themselves. Read some of our cases summaries.

Failure to provide appropriate security can rob someone of much more than their sense of security – it can rob them of their freedom and dignity. At the Butler Law Group, our negligent security lawyers demand adequate compensation for wounds that are more than just physical – contact Jacksonville inadequate security lawyers today.

Free consultations available – Contingency fee collected only if we win your case. We represent clients in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Panama City, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Lake City, and all of Florida.




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