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5.0 stars – Amazing Attorney and Caring Friend
Posted by James

I’m so fortunate to have had Howard represent me in two separate cases. From each case, I received a settlement that was beyond my expectations. These cases created a significant deal of stress in my life, but Howard kept me calm. He was always prompt to respond to any questions I had and showed a genuine interest in how I was doing as a result of the accidents I was in. I can honestly say that he is a good and caring person. He helped me when I needed help the most.

5.0 stars – Hired Mr.Butler for my injury case
Posted by Doug

Mr. Butler is very professional and confident and has strong knowledge in what he does as a lawyer. I would recommend Mr. Butler to other people who need a lawyer for all kinds of serious injury and wrongful death cases. If you are looking for a quality law firm. Stop here and call Mr. Butler. { Butler Law Group} Thank you again, Mr. Butler, for being an outstanding Lawyer for me.

God Bless

5.0 stars – Got what I needed
Posted by Lakeisha

I was in a bad accident on the JEA bus when it was hit by a truck. He fought for me and my case that helped me get more money. This whole situation was very stressful for me and I was getting impatient, but Butler was very patient with me. He is a nice guy and a cool guy and a hard worker.

5.0 stars – An Attorney that truly had my back!
Posted by Doug

When I first saw Howard in action, I knew I didn’t have to worry anymore. He had complete command of my depositions, was so intelligent and knowledgable, and took control of the opposition, and took care of me from beginning to end. It was such a relief I didn’t have the burden anymore because I knew I was in the right hands He took a nerve-wracking situation for me and from start to finish got me through it and a settlement offer beyond what I could have expected. As a minister with integrity and honesty, I can gladly say that Howard is a man of character as well, which importance could not be understated for me. After two cases over a period of ten years with Howard, I would recommend him to anyone who is in a time of need.

5.0 stars – Over and Beyond: An Attorney who was there for me
Posted by Virginia

Mr. Butler is amazing. His staff kept me informed, as did he personally. Whenever I had a question he was right on it with an answer and fought for me from the day we met. My experience with him is great and I would personally recommend him to anyone else, for anything. He and his family are people I would love to deal with again should I ever have a chance. He looked out for me and my best interests. I never had to worry or wonder about what was going on or the progress of my case.. He even recommended other lawyers from other fields to me for other purposes. And the best part was him calling me himself instead of having his staff do it, although sometimes if he were on a case, or trial, he would ask them to call me to update me. But that was appreciated as well. So if you want the best lawyer in Jacksonville or the surrounding areas please call him. You will not EVER regret it. He is also personable and tough. He was ready to go to court if we had needed too. He is not one to sign you up and settle your case in a few months. He fights for you. He looks into the legalities of other things that may actually apply to your individual case in other fields as well. So as a rating for him and his staff on a scale from 0-10, he would rate a 20. Thank you, Mr. Howard Butler, for your help and kindness to me over these last few years. Merry Christmas and God Bless You.

5.0 stars – The best lawyer for serious accidents
Posted by Anthony

My wife and I were in an accident in Florida when we were visiting from out of state. I knew I would have a difficult decision ahead of me of who to have represented my wife and me in such a predicament. I didn’t want to just go with the first lawyer that popped up on google, understanding the seriousness of my accident and case, so I went through a number of websites until I found Howard Butler and the Butler Law Group. When I saw his accolades and awards in a trial, I felt confident that this would be the attorney that could represent my wife and me going forward. Wow! When I met Howard and his team for the first time, he was very sincere and honest, but he was also extremely serious, intimidating, and had a real presence about him. Although personally I would not be best friends with this personality, after going through the process I can see how fortunate I was in having someone like that in our corner. He never backed down, and had the respect of even the large insurance lawyers! He and his team prepared for our case as if it were going to trial from day 1.

I couldn’t help but think about the costs and fees that would be coming up for my case as well. Howard’s team worked late hours preparing and created many of the presentations in-house where I found out most firms outsource to expensive outfits and then expense it to the client. Not only did we get a better settlement offer than we would have if we went with another attorney, but I know our costs would have been much higher if we had gone elsewhere as well. I realize that no matter who you have represent you, they are going to take the same fees and incur (higher!) costs as you go. Might as well get a lawyer who will give you an A result and save you thousands of dollars in costs. I am very happy I chose Howard and the Butler Law Group because I know my wife and I are in a much better position to move on from our accident than we would have otherwise.


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