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Jacksonville, Florida Car Accident Attorneys

Drivers are becoming more distracted every day. Thousands of people each year are seriously injured or killed in car accidents on North Florida highways and streets because others fail to pay attention and use proper caution while driving. Even a simple trip to the local Home Depot or Winn Dixie can involve running a gauntlet of drivers talking or texting on cell phones, changing lanes without looking, or tailgating. These negligent drivers can and often do cause serious accidents with dramatic consequences for the lives of those involved.

When your life is changed forever due to the negligence of another driver, it is time to get help from an experienced personal injury lawyer.

Jacksonville car accident attorney Howard G. Butler of the Butler Law Group works hand in hand with nationally recognized experts in accident reconstruction, skid mark analysis, injury mechanism, and a host of other fields important for establishing the facts involved in car wrecks. We use the latest tool of forensic and reconstructive science in pursuit of our cases.

Accident injuries Sustained in Jacksonville Florida Collisions

The Jacksonville car accident attorneys of the Butler Law Group represent clients in auto accident cases involving the following kinds of injuries:

Head trauma/brain injuries
Spinal cord injury
Wrongful death
Broken limbs
Nerve injury

What Your Injuries Could Mean to You Financially

The long-term effects of the head, neck, and back injuries are not always obvious. Memory loss, motor skill impairment, chronic pain, and the onset of other symptoms years after an accident often lead to expensive long-term medical treatment and loss of earning capacity. Let us tell your unique story in the boardroom, mediation, and courtroom.

Our Jacksonville car accident lawyers consult with medical experts and economic impact analysts to accurately quantify the financial impact of an injury. We build our cases on the basis of the nature and severity of an injury and the financial costs created as a result. When additional medical treatment is needed or disability threatens, we want our clients to be financially prepared to meet the needs and challenges of their condition. Such burdens should be shouldered by those responsible for the loss rather than the victim or the public.

Physical and Emotional Recovery

At the Butler Law Group, our attorneys aggressively pursue acts of negligence in car crashes involving alcohol and reckless endangerment. Seeking compensatory and, if appropriate, punitive damages, in proportion to their unnecessary pain and suffering and deterring such conduct.

Hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions – contact Jacksonville auto accident lawyer Howard G. Butler, Esq. today and schedule an appointment to discuss your legal options.

Free consultations available – Contingency fee collected only if we win your case. We represent clients in Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Panama City, Orange Park,  Daytona Beach, St. Augustine, Palm Coast, Lake City and throughout Florida.