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Unfortunately, even in the face of increased awareness and education regarding the dangers of drunk driving, every year thousands of Americans are injured or killed by drunk drivers. Whether confused, disoriented, or exhilarated, drunk drivers are often found going the wrong way on highway entrance ramps, crossing over the median into oncoming traffic, or running into stationary objects. Howard Butler is a Nationally Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney and knows what it takes to obtain justice in your case. Howard G. Butler of the  Butler Law Group, and our personal injury attorneys act immediately to photograph and investigate the scene of an accident, interview critical witnesses, and obtain copies of  police reports, medical findings, DUI proceedings, and prior misconduct.

If a drunk driver has left you seriously injured, facing further medical treatment, or disabled, contact Howard G. Butler and the Florida drunk driving accident lawyers of the Butler Law Group.

Our firm has handled cases involving injured victims due to drunk driving by others – call today and schedule and appointment.


When Lives are Changed in an Instant

The personal injury lawyers of the Butler Law Group represent clients with the following  types of injuries caused by drunk drivers:

Lost limbs
Broken bones
Head and spinal cord injuries
Severe burns or disfigurement
Nerve injury

When Drunk Drivers Leave the Scene

It’s not uncommon for drunk drivers to leave the scene of an accident. At the Butler Law  Group, we have the investigative resources and experience needed to help find drunk drivers who flee in an effort to try and avoid responsibility for the acts they’ve committed.

We have tracked down drunk drivers who have fled to another state, uncovered their  prior drunk driving offenses in pursuit of cases tried before a Florida jury.

Getting Results for Our Clients

Emotional trauma is involved in any car wreck. However, when the driver responsible was drunk, people often feel especially victimized due to a sense that if the other driver had simply obeyed the law, they wouldn’t have gotten behind the wheel and caused the  accident that occurred. We produce compelling day-in the-life videos and award- winning settlement documentaries that portray the undeniably devastating impact of  their injuries so as to maximize financial protection for our clients and deter such conduct. Read some of our cases summaries.

We can help you recover damages and demand justice from those who should have never gotten behind the wheel yet chose to do so at great risk to the motoring public. Contact Jacksonville car accident lawyer Howard Butler today.

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