Some of Our Current Personal Injury Cases

Texting & Driving Crash:

BLG is set to go to trial in an Alachua County Florida case in which a driver slammed into the back of a stopped vehicle, which was stopped behind a stopped city bus unloading passengers, at a designated bus stop at more than 40 mph, seriously injuring a young woman and destroying property. BLG's investigation revealed that the circumstances surrounding the crash were indicative of "distracted driving." The Defendant denied any responsibility at the outset and eventually hired 5 different experts to defend the case on various fronts in an attempt to avoid the consequences of her actions. Data from the striking vehicle's "black box" revealed no braking whatsoever prior to impact and that the vehicle's speed was increasing in the seconds prior to impact, oblivious to everything ahead of it despite a lack of any visual obstructions. Eventually, a Court Order was obtained requiring her cell phone records around the time of the crash to be produced which then led to a download of a limited amount of smartphone data from the day of the crash. Although all of the smartphone data immediately prior to and after the crash had been deleted BLG was able to recover enough of the smartphone's data from other sources to refute the Defendant driver's sworn testimony, establish business related smartphone use immediately prior to the crash and establish the necessary legal showing to add a claim for exemplary (punitive) damages.

Negligent Security Case:

BLG recently filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the family of a 20 year old man who was robbed of his wallet and shot by 2 men while taking out the trash to a parking lot dumpster located in the rear parking lot common area behind a Riverside restaurant. The Commercial Property owner and its related entities which owned, designed, controlled and professionally managed the rear parking lot common area provided completely inadequate lighting, no access control and no security measures whatsoever for its tenants and guests despite other prior instances of criminal activity including a prior robbery of a 30-year-old man in the same alley just 3 months before by 2 men under very similar circumstances. The lack of security equipment and personnel made this location ideal for robbery and getaway as evidenced by the fact that the perpetrators from the earlier incident were never identified and despite a massive effort, it took over a year to make an arrest in the later shooting. All indications are that this was a crime of opportunity and according to JSO Detectives the circumstances made the victim "easy pickings" for the perpetrators.


Media Coverage of the Daniel Rowe Case

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Daniel Rowe

School Safety:

BLG represents the family of a pre-k student who was the victim of repeated escalating bullying by 2 other classmates, which were reported to Flagler County School officials, who assured the family that steps would be taken to prevent any such incidents. The school failed to do so and the same 2 bullies committed a sexual battery on the 4 year 10 month old student in a sandbox located in the classroom during class resulting in an emotionally devastating trauma to the victim.  Despite a written "zero tolerance policy" for such incidents school officials made the choice merely to suspend the 2 bullies and allow them to return to the same school 3 months later, requiring the bullied student, his parents and special needs sister to leave the school and move from the area.


Media Coverage of the School Safety Case

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