Case Summary: Florida Wrongful Death From Electrocution

By January 12, 2016 Uncategorized

The Butler Law Group has represented thousands of injured people in personal injury lawsuits.  In 2013, a man was electrocuted while using a fruit harvester with a conductive handle. The product did not identify by its manufacturer that it was made of a highly conductive metal, which was covered by a nylon-polymer coating.  

Howard G. Butler of the Butler Law Group was hired by the family of the 55 year old Orlando man who was killed while picking avocados from a tree in his backyard and investigated the identity of the commercial seller and a lawsuit was filed asserting that the product was unreasonably dangerous.

According to Attorney Butler, “It is inevitable that 30 foot fruit trees will grow close to, and obscure, high-voltage power lines which may be as low as 18.5 feet per the NESC so it is vital that such long handled tools be made of non-conductive materials which have been in wide spread use for decades.”

Shortly prior to jury selection a confidential settlement was reached. The Butler Law Group reached a multi-million dollar settlement in product liability and wrongful death case.

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